World's Strongest Man 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Latest standings with winner crowned (2024)

World's Strongest Man 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Latest standings with winner crowned (1)

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  • Jon Boon, Features writer

THE World's Strongest Man 2024 has been decided after what has been a thrilling event in Myrtle Beach.

British star Tom Stoltman claimed his third title in four years after a terrific display.

Last year's winner Mitchell Hooper, had to settle for second place in Myrtle Beach, while American Evan Singleton took third spot.

  • 6th May 2024, 11:24By Alex Smith

    Health checks

    Being so muscular and consuming so many calories can cause health problems.

    But Luke Stoltman previously explained: "We’re very fortunate that we work with a company who take our bloods.

    “Being as big as we are it puts pressure on our hearts and so you’ve got to watch for thecholesterollevels as well and so we get that tested probably once a month."


  • 6th May 2024, 10:25By Alex Smith

    Bon appetit

    Ever wondered how much you need to eat to compete for the World's Strongest Man title?

    The Stoltman brothers claim they consume around 10,000 calories per day and the average man needs just 2,500.

    Giving some insight to their diet, they are said to eat over a kilo of meat a day.

    Which come could from “10 eggs for breakfast" or "350g of mince", which would come with either pasta or potatoes or rice and accompanied with vegetables.


  • 6th May 2024, 09:28By Alex Smith

    Final standings

    It's top ten finishes for the Stoltman brothers:

    1. Tom Stoltman (Great Britain) 53
    2. Mitchell Hooper (Canada) 47.5
    3. Evan Singleton (United States) 36
    4. Matthew Ragg (New Zealand) 35.5
    5. Tristain Hoath (Canada) 33.5
    6. Wesley Derwinsky (Canada) 31
    7. Austin Andrade (Mexico) 30.5
    8. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine) 27
    9. Luke Stoltman (Great Britain) 19.5
    10. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia) 12.5


  • 6th May 2024, 08:33By Jon Boon

    What is the World's Strongest Man 2024 prize money?

    While the exact prize fund for this year's competition isn't known it is expected to be more than it has been in previous years.

    Reports suggested that 2020's first place winner pocketed $52,600 (£42,000) while the prize pot in the following year is said to have more than doubled to an incredible $146,000 (£116,600).


  • 6th May 2024, 08:00By Jon Boon

    Which athletes withdrew from the tournament?

    Three athletes were forced to withdraw during the competition.

    Adam Bishop withdrew after an Achille injury.

    Fellow Brit Gavin Bilton withdrew on Day Two after the medical team's advice.

    US star Bobby Thompson withdrew after suffering an injury on Day One.


  • 6th May 2024, 07:30By Jon Boon

    Strongest Man event results

    Giants Medley results

    • 1) Evan Singleton…30.21 seconds
    • 2) Austin Andrade…40.61 seconds
    • 3) Tom Stoltman…41.26 seconds
    • 4) Wesley Derwinsky…59.2 seconds

    Axle Press results

    • 1) Mitchell Hooper…4 reps (210kg)
    • 1) Tom Stoltman…4 reps (210kg)
    • 3) Pavlo Kordiyaka…4 reps (200kg)
    • 4) Evan Singleton…3 reps (190kg)

    Keg toss results

    • 1) Tom Stoltman — 5 reps (7.76 meters)
    • 2) Mitchell Hooper — 5 reps (7.76 meters)
    • 3) Wesley Derwinsky — 5 reps (7.76 meters)
    • 4) Evan Singleton — 4 reps (7.5 meters)


  • 6th May 2024, 07:00By Jon Boon

    How Stoltman won it

    After winning his group during the Qualifying Stage, Stoltman continued his dominance in the final.

    Here is how he won it.

    • KNAACK Giants Medley— Third place
    • Max Axle Press— First place
    • Keg Toss— First place
    • Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel— Third place
    • BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift— Second place
    • Atlas Stones— First place


  • 6th May 2024, 06:00By Jon Boon


    Draped in the Union Jack, Stoltman collects his WSM trophy.

    It was an unbelievable performance from the big man.


  • 6th May 2024, 04:00By Jon Boon

    The relief

    After conquering the Atlas Stones event, Stoltman appears a relieved man.

    This was the moment it was confirmed he was the World's Strongest Man again.


  • 6th May 2024, 02:00By Jon Boon

    How Tom Stoltman began

    He was born in 1994, in Invergordon in theScottishHighlands.

    He first took up weight training in his local gym as a teenager, after being inspired byhis brother Luke'ssuccess as Scotland’s Strongest Man.

    He toldSunday Post: "I watched World’s Strongest Man onTVa few times when I was young, but I was more interested infootballat that point.

    "I started going to the gym at 16 with some mates, but it was just a bit of fun, nothing big."


  • 5th May 2024, 00:00By Jon Boon

    Brothers celebrate

    Luke Stoltman joined his brother in celebrating his WSM title win.

    The pair cut almighty men in the field.

    Luke was 2021 Europe's Strongest Man and is a five-time Scotland's Strongest Man.

    Some family pedigree.


  • 5th May 2024, 22:43By Jon Boon

    On the podium

    So, to confirm - Stoltman was your winner for 2024.

    In second place came Mitchell Hooper.

    While Evan Singleton came third.


  • 5th May 2024, 22:27By Jon Boon

    Trophy presentation

    And there is he is... the champ.

    Tom Stoltman is handed the trophy for WSM at Myrtle Beach.


  • 5th May 2024, 21:47By Jon Boon

    Three time winner

    World's Strongest Man 2024 winner Stoltman reminded everyone how many times he has won the event.

    What a competitor.


  • 5th May 2024, 21:28By Jon Boon

    Stoltman's record

    Tom has appeared at six WSM competitions.

    His placings are very impressive.

    • 2019: 5th
    • 2020: 2nd
    • 2021: 1st
    • 2022: 1st
    • 2023: 2nd
    • 2024: 1st


  • 5th May 2024, 21:22By Jon Boon

    The focus, the poise

    Three-time champion Tom Stoltman stole the show in the final event.

    The Atlas Stones were no match for the lad.


  • 5th May 2024, 21:14By Jon Boon

    Final table

    1. Tom Stoltman(Great Britain) 53 (points)

    2. Mitchell Hooper(Canada) 47.5

    3. Evan Singleton(United States) 36.

    4. Matthew Ragg(New Zealand) 35.5

    5. Tristain Hoath(Canada) 33.5

    6. Wesley Derwinsky(Canada) 31

    7. Austin Andrade(Mexico) 30.5

    8. PavloKordiyaka(Ukraine) 27

    9. LukeStoltman(Great Britain) 19.5

    10. AivarsŠmaukstelis(Latvia) 12.5


  • 5th May 2024, 21:09By Jon Boon

    Well done Tom!


  • 5th May 2024, 21:08By Jon Boon

    Stoltman is your winner

    Big congratulations to our man Tom Stoltman.

    He has won the World's Strongest Man for a third time.

    What an achievement from the British star.


  • 5th May 2024, 21:06By Jon Boon

    Atlas Stones results

    Results are in for Atlas Stones.

    • Tom Stoltman— 38.14 seconds
    • Mitchell Hooper—4 in 37.35 seconds
    • Tristain Hoath— 4 in 43.79 seconds
    • Pavlo Kordiyaka— 4 in 44.58 seconds
    • Matthew Ragg— 4 in 49.93 seconds
    • Austin Andrade— 3 in 24.42 seconds
    • Evan Singleton— 3 in 29.09 seconds
    • Wesley Derwinsky— 3 in 30.8 seconds
    • Aivars Šmaukstelis— 3 in 32.88 seconds
    • Luke Stoltman— 3 in 36.09 seconds


  • 5th May 2024, 20:53By Jon Boon

    Stoltman on Conan's Wheel

    In the Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel earlier today, Brit Stoltman finished third.

    He managed to turn 777 degrees, which is decent going - but was trumped by Mitchell Hooper (821 degrees) and Pavlo Kordiyaka (922 degrees).


  • 5th May 2024, 20:34By Jon Boon

    Just to give you an idea

    Here's Brian Shaw in action in 2018.

    Think The Eliminator in Gladiators but much harder.


  • 5th May 2024, 20:08By Jon Boon

    Next up

    It's the Atlas Stones event - the signature event of the WSM contest.

    Often, it determines the winner.

    Introduced in 1986, the Atlas Stones are five heavy, spherical stones which increase in weight from 100 to 160 kg. They need to be placed on top of five high platforms that span a 16–33 ft. long course

    Marius Pudzianowski, Magnus Samuelsson, Magnús ver Magnússon and Žydrūnas Savickasare all masters of this event and have gone on to win the competition.


  • 5th May 2024, 19:38By Jon Boon

    Stoltman leads

    Tom Stoltman won that event.

    And he's very close to winning the World's Strongest Man competition.

    He holds a healthy lead going into the final event.


  • 5th May 2024, 19:11By Jon Boon

    Evan Singleton in action

    Look at the strength on Evan, there.

    Unbelievable lift, but only enough to finish third.



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World's Strongest Man 2024 LIVE RESULTS: Latest standings with winner crowned (2024)


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